Small Starts.

Big Beginnings.

Do it better.

That's what shaped Promise back in 2005 when two young minds took it upon themselves to reshape an established industry. It was time for something new - to build an agency led by a concept so beautifully simple that it guides Promise to this day:

Come with remarkable, or don't come at all.

With the audacity to do things differently, Promise aimed to stand out. To be adaptable. To create great work for great clients. And as it was then, so it is now: We believe that finding remarkable takes time. Searching, refining and meticulously crafting are just par for the course, for every single brief that comes our way. That's why we like working with pencils - the freedom of impermanency invites free-flowing idea generation that isn't boxed in by ink. Even when the best idea ends up being the first idea, this is something to be realised only at the end.

Welcome to Promise, a medium-sized Jozi agency of 90 staffers, with an enviable portfolio of brands who have entrusted us to ensure their success.

We combine independence, talent and relentless hunger. We are Promise and we create the remarkable.

What We Do.

Our first job ever was to brand a coffee mug - our first break, which in hindsight was pretty small - but we treated that job as our everything. From an early stage we learnt what it meant to value our clients - no matter how small - and to treat every job as our only job. Our humble beginnings shaped who we are today: a team of specialists who have mastered the art of strategy and data-driven, through-the-line and digital communication solutions.

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How We Do.

Each fish demands a different hook. Promise is geared towards combining our seamless, diverse blend of in-house abilities to solve challenges in the unique way that the specific job demands. We don't do one-size-fits-all - because it never does.


Through making remarkable work for our clients we've picked up a bunch of awards we're really proud of. Take a look!

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SAB Golden Circle


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